Dead Secret Quick Review


By VRift720


      It should be no secret by now that developers Robot Invader really know how to tell a good story.  The situation centers around a dead scientist whose brilliant invention could advance all of psychology and give humanity a unique ability. But someone wants that invention, and you, as the story’s new protagonist, are a journalist who’s come there on your own behalf looking for the story of your career.  And you’re going to get it, too, IF you can survive 10-15 hours alone in the victim’s house.  But it’s a dead battery, not a dead secret, that threatens to spoil your fun with this title, as you’ll be reluctant to ever stop playing it once you’ve started.  It’s that good.

      I for one really enjoyed being in this scary house, touching everything, looking around, snooping and getting the low-down on all the weirdos involved.  The story was fun to read about, well written, and engaging.  The house was well designed, and well thought out.  All of the hidden rooms & underground areas meld with the topside’s outdoor-environment locations perfectly.  There are more than enough locations to justify the price of this title, who’s main game-play aspects are exploration, searching, reading, tinkering, solving puzzles, and running away when there is any real danger.  (Ha, a joke).  You are playing a lone woman with a broken arm, after all, and this game is not about combat.  The level of fear in this title is set to medium: not something for children but not something for psychopaths who need a true adrenaline rush, either.  It has some scares, but they’re paced well and don’t keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time.  Just enough to keep you on your toes going around corners.

      This title is highly recommended, especially because as a VR title (whose main thrill is Presence), this game really shines, hiding you in cramped places that really give you a new sense of how cool VR will become one day, when more games use the wide-angled 3D that VR brings. Today’s phones can’t really do the job yet, but there are still a few risk-taking developers out there, like Robot Invader, who still dare to bring us a real taste of what VR is all about!  This is a must-buy title, in my opinion.

Thank you, Robot Invader.

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