Atop the Wizard’s Tower Quick Review


by VRift720


      Join the ranks of the Wizard Class defending your ever-changing base against hordes of evil minions bent on, umgetting there.   While you are bent on … them, um…  not getting there.  But they really want to get there.  And you really don’t want them to get there.  So you need the stop them from getting there using a variety of magical spells, elemental forces, soldiers you create yourself, and tactics such as placing energy on pedestals that will do some of the work for you while you’re busy looking around for where the next resource will come into view.  It’s a race against time, and you only get moments to think, “where should this resource go so they won’t get there?”  Because if they do get there, you are done for, pal!

      I’m not usually a fan of Tower Defense games, but the team at Defiant Development created a moody world that is still interesting despite looking like it’s been rendered in 2D.  If it is stereoscopically rendered, I can’t tell.  The menus do pop out, but looking down at the ground, I can’t see feel the 3D at all; thus, the feeling of Presence in this title is low.  The cartoon style of the game is appealing here, but since it’s not that serious in its style, I think the game should have offered a bit more humor.  The enemies seem lifeless, just these undead-zombie things that could have been way cooler if characterized by some comedians doing their best weirdo voices.  On a positive note, they really worked hard to make the message interface zany, cartoony, and fun, with the text very stylized and cool.  


      The game play has a lot of variety and challenges to master, but to me, picking up something over here and putting over there over and over again isn’t much a game-play style in my opinion.  That’s basically all you do, pick up fire way over here (far right side) and drop it over there (far left side) so that in only two hours of play, I’d already developed some pretty bad neck strain.  In addition, during those two hours, I had to re-center the game almost 10 times due to some awful drift in the game’s engine based on how it reads GearVR’s sensors (via my S6 phone).  Which is to say, it isn’t there yet, it needs some more work.

      The game also only allows use of the built-in Touchpad.  This is a very uncomfortable way to play a game, holding your arm up at your face for hours.  The Touchpad for CE1 is horrendously bad in its new design, you can’t find the center half the time, so you have to leave your finger on it 24/7 or risk losing a few seconds at the most critical juncture in your defense.  And then they’ll get there.  You don’t want that, now do you?

      The price of this title, $4.99, was low even before the sale, so I think that this title is  worth playing for the low price of entry.  If you don’t like it, you aren’t out that much.  The game is pretty fun:  you are basically trying to see how many rules you can remember under stress, so one could almost categorize this as a brain-training game for reasons of that kind.  Yet for its charms, I still can’t help feeling there’s something missing here that I just can’t explain.  For as much as this is a game all about getting there, I still don’t feel this title is all… quite there yet.


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