Dim Light Quick Review


by VRift720


      Dim Light is a horror game for GearVR created by Korean developers SANBAE.  It was originally quite a hit in Korea when released in 2D for Android but has been re-released on the VR platform.  Other than trying to dip their paws into a different nest, I can’t see any reason for this title being made in VR.  It’s obviously a quick and dirty cash grab, and if I were you, I would steer clear of paying a single cent for this title.  I found this title so appalling, I think they need to pay me to play it!

      The graphics are all black and white.  There is not an ounce of color.  If this were a style choice for some film-noir aspect like a detective story with a flashback in B&W, I might agree with it.  But when the whole game is like this, it’s horrendous.   Black and white is just NOT what VR was made for.  In the real world, do the majority of people only see in black and white?  And so too the most intense VR worlds are the ones full of color and vibrancy such as Ocean Rift or Anshar Wars 2. 

      To play this game, you look down the whole time like a fly on the ceiling fan, and can quickly develop a crick in your neck.  You can use a game pad or your Trackpad.  You walk around from room to room trying to make your way to the end of the level.  But I have no idea why you are even going into any rooms, since there appears to be nothing to pick up and nothing to do while you’re there.  All you can do is run.  Opening doors to look around is more than likely to put you face to face with a zombie, and these aren’t slow beasts, either.  As soon as you’ve spotted one, it’s jumped you and torn you apart.   You don’t really even have a chance to be scared:  you’re already dead before you knew what happened.

      This is supposed to be a horror game, but the distance between you and your avatar is so great, you can’t develop any sense of connection between it and yourself.  You feel like you’re watching some character in an old TV show, that it just is not you.  The top-down visuals here only serve to distance you from the action.  There is no sense of fear or trepidation.  Maybe this game worked so well with Android because we all look down at our phones anyway, all the time.  Or maybe Koreans were just supporting their developers. But for VR, these angles are all wrong, ruining horror immersion.  It feels clownish actually. 

      The only thing scary about this title is that the developers thought they could get away porting this to VR.  This entry is not so much about a “dim light” as it is about a dim experience, one which is bad for all of VR gaming.  Steer clear.


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