Faceted Flight Quick Review


by VRift720

Faceted Flight_Photo1.jpg

      Faceted Flight might be interesting for a short trip through VR, but despite it’s name, it really hasn’t got a lot of facets to it.  It’s a Canyon Runner (yet another runner), developed by  MattScottGames.  You can play it with a controller or Touchpad.  I’m all for Star Wars trench runs, dodging up and down between obstacles and this game offers that sensation in a number of flavors, from snowy canyons to underground caves to green tree-speckled pastures all set … in yet more canyons.  Unfortunately, this title lacks the stereoscopic depth it needs to make it a great VR game. 

      The graphics are generated procedurally, which just means the canyons are formed from mathematical equations and complex rules, which aren’t hand-built by developers.  The detail level is low here; sadly, this means the graphics are not very memorable, since procedural maps don’t often have that artistic value that a real person designing a level can dream up.  The shapes are very hard-edged, and the colors are not Goraud shaded (smoothed out) but flat polygons rendered in 16 colors.  With graphics this lackluster, surely they could have splurged and rendered the game in full stereo.

      This is the thing that gripes me, time and again, the lack of stereoscopy in VR titles.  The game only has 3D in the settings screen before you launch the game.  The ship hangar is also displayed in 2D, so there is really no place to enjoy the full power of your VR visor. 

Faceted Flight_Photo2.jpg

      I wish companies would stop releasing 2D titles that are meant to be played in stereo like canyon runners.  This would have been so immersive in 3D!  As it is, you can’t make sense of your location and end up missing all of the power ups because you can’t judge the actual depth or distance to your target.  Not having 3D is a grave injustice for a VR game and I think I’m going to have to keep saying this until enough companies hear me.  I rant for the common man, who bought VR to play stereoscopic-depth-infused games because that’s what VR offers that no PC display can possibly match.  If I want a canyon runner in 2D, I’ll play one on my more powerful 980 nVidia GPU because that’s going to be one sweet-looking, responsive game running at 120 FPS or more.  When I play Gear VR, I want to play stereo games, not monoscopic ones.  It’s upsetting to see another 2D game in the Home Store where a stereoscopic one should be.

      That said, it is still fun enough to play this game.  You can fly up and down, left and right fully, unlike some other runner titles that have just come out lately.  The freedom to move in all directions is something, at least.  There is one issue with the game speeding up the further along any given track you go, which is annoying.  There are some “speed ups” placed around frequently on every map, and I avoid them because I’d rather go slower.  However, the game tends to speed me up regardless … as if I’d gotten the speed boosts anyway.  And since I made an effort to avoid them, this feature irks me quite a bit.  At such high speeds, you often can’t turn sharply enough to keep from donating blood to help graffiti those nice stone walls. 

      Faceted Flight might help you pass a lazy afternoon if you were really bored and had tried everything else in the Oculus Home Store, but if I were you, I’d save my money on this one and use that to try out Vektron Revenge instead, a much cooler VR experience which is available for around the same price.

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