A Little Secret of MilkVR Revealed


by VRift720

This … is a GearVR News Breaking Report ….

      My phone has been FULL to the very BRIM for months now.  I’ve tried everything I could and just kept deleting VR applications I never wanted to get rid of, things I wanted to keep on there to show others.  I had to delete some good things in order to so I can see all the good new apps coming out.  The reason for this travesty of justice is that I bought the 32GB S6 like a dunce and have been pestered by that decision every day since.  What bothers me the most is that I got my GearVR and began installing apps on it only one day before my chance to return it was over, but I was so enamored with VR I never realized what day it was. And I never thought “Hey, you’re going to need more storage, dummy!

       I’ve been looking through every folder on my phone deleting anything and everything I could.  I got rid of almost every song, and any file over 200 MB.  I even combed through a folder called “Misc Files” which claimed to have 7GB of data inside it.  But when I opened it, the most I could find was 400 MB.  I deleted nearly everything but the folder still said 6.7GB of data.  I didn’t know what was up.  My phone had itself almost become unusable due to this situation.  It’s been a nightmare.  If I try to take a single photo, a warning pops up “Insufficient storage, please remove some videos to make room.”  And me recording even a tiny little video has been absolutely out of the question.

      But today I’d just had enough.  I downloaded several utility programs to try and dig into my file system trying to uncover where those 6.7GB of space were going that I could not seem to find.  But no such luck, the mysterious files were nowhere to be found.  Then I struck upon an idea.  What if the files were being encrypted by some program on my GearVR?  That seemed the only likely answer to this mystery.  So I donned my device and went from video app to video app, searching.  I hadn’t used any of the other video services except MilkVR in the months prior, many of them are still too new.  JauntVR has the best and coolest interface, but the videos themselves still aren’t quite there yet.  And the other players were not even as good as these two, so I hadn’t touched them.  I decided it had to be MilkVR.  I looked in the “Downloaded” section of MilkVR, a place I hadn’t been in months.  Sure enough, there were over a dozen videos in there.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had gotten rid of anything over 200 MB that wasn’t a necessary or needed file for my phone.  Where were these videos hiding?  Was this the missing 6.7 GB of space, sitting right here in MilkVR’s “Downloaded” section all this time?  I was about to get upset with myself.

      Incredulous, I tried the “Hunger Games” movie and to my amazement, it actually played.  That meant it truly was on my phone after all!  Not just some undiscarded jpg, but the actual movie, still here!  What!?  How!?  I stewed for a moment, but then I suddenly remembered someone in a post on Reddit complaining that he’d found some movies that wouldn’t play on his phone in some directory deep on his phone.  They were named crazy things like “ejKcaajCJEIApz.mp4” which was to me an obvious sign of being encrypted.  Then the bell went off in my head.  That’s it!  I finally understood it all now.


      What’s the mystery here, you ask?  MilkVR encrypts all of its downloads in the “Misc Folder” of your phone.  That way, Android File Manager programs won’t be able to see the video in case you don’t know what it is and decide to delete it.  The idea is that you got the movies in MilkVR, only MilkVR should be able to delete them.  So they get encrypted and Android knows not to show those files to you in any File Managers (that can delete files).  The hidden files also aren’t seen during device scans to remove unwanted files or unnecessary files.  It’s as if the files just do not exist!  Which means you can have GB of data gobbled up off your phone, forgotten, just sitting there, that won’t ever get removed unless YOU remember to go back in and physically click “delete” from inside MilkVR!  That’s just incredible to learn about.  It blows my mind no one ever told me this before.

      So … I wanted to share this story with you in case, like me, you’d never heard of this functionality before.  I now have over 7GB of phone storage available, means means some of those great games I wanted to keep on my phone, are going back on… tomorrow, at first light.  After all this hidden-data (and soul) searching, I’m just dog tired.  Time to hit the hay.  But at least I can finally rest easy knowing I have some good storage space back on my phone for the first time in ages!  And if you’re anything like me, you will too … tomorrow, at first light. 

Good night, friends!

…. This has been a GearVR News Breaking Report ….


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