Anshar Wars 2 Special Update!


by VRift720


M A J O R   U P D A T E !

     Ladies and Gentlemen, as of tonight, Anshar Wars 2 has just been updated, and what a grand update it is!   These are the moments when you can just feel a switch happen in the production values of an entire industry.  Not only does the game now feature support for 8 languages, the long awaited (but newly promised) “3D update” has been included already!  That’s right, folks, for those of you, like myself, who felt that Anshar Wars 2 looked like a 2D space shooter, well now you can try it again with more depth than ever before!  And not only that, but you can actually choose the depth level you want, ranging from the level 1 (the 3D-Depth level it came with) all the way up to level 10.  Now those with varying tastes in stereoscopy can “have it your way,” to quote a famous American burger company.  I tried Depth Levels 5, 8, and 10.  And although it makes my ship look way smaller, I chose to stay on level 10 because more depth simply rocks!  Space now feels deeper and the large ships actually feel larger, not smaller, as I’d first feared.  The closer you get, the more real it becomes too, which is a cool dynamic.  It’s like it changes the gravity of the situation to feel the ships popping out more the closer you get.  Now when pursuing enemy ships, you can feel them getting way too close to you.  Everything looks so much bulkier close up, like the huge capital ship on level 4.  It all looks so much grander and more lifelike due to the depth presented.  Its everything I could have wished for!

     From a distance away, the depth still isn’t felt, but that’s not the game’s fault!  Beyond a certain distance forward, there isn’t enough resolution on GearVR phones at this time to have there be any difference between the pixels on the left or right side.  For more depth beyond 100 meters, you would need a higher resolution.  But now, when flying close to asteroids, you can feel their weight and their proximity to your ship.  Space battles are now so much more fun than ever before.  I got lost in enjoying this game this time around instead of thinking about the 2D visuals and wishing it was something it was not.  I only meant to play for 20 minutes before writing this review but I could not pull myself out until I reached level 6 (the real reason is my phone overheated).  That’s how awesome this is! 

      Anshar Wars 2 also pulled another little Easter Egg.  Now on the main screen when loading the level, it shows your battery life for you.  I nice touch, another first for a VR game!  At least, as far as I know.  But it’s very useful to know, and I even think adding a temperature reading of your CPU wouldn’t be a bad thing to know, either.  Then we could begin to know when our phone is about to overheat and take steps.  Because Anshar Wars 2 won’t let you continue your game when it overheats.  It stops you in your tracks to save your phone’s shelf life, something I know I should appreciate long term, but when you’re playing a fun game, in the short time I could only rip my hair out while screaming “NooooooOOoooOOOoo!” as I’d almost beaten the level before this occurred hahaha.

     But what OZWE has done here is truly marvelous!  I’m not just talking about the update itself, I’m talking about the future of GearVR!  They’ve opened a door.  One that can’t be unopened, one that we want to leave open.  I can only imagine that more game developers, wanting to compete stereoscopically with Anshar Wars 2, will want to add a new “3D Depth Level” selector to their titles, too.  I’m sure as the industry progresses forward, we will begin to see this feature cropping up in every new game and demo.  This will finally give everyone the level of depth THEY want by letting them choose what’s right for them.  For me, (your best Austin Power’s voice) it’s like–>”Crank the 3D depth up ALL THE WAY, BABY! YEAH!”  But more props to OZWE, they did this first, folks!

      If you aren’t sure how this all came to be, you can read my initial AW2 article to see where this all began and why OZWE agreed to do this, besides just being so cool!  Thank you, guys, this update really works, and has made the game real to me.  And now I’m looking forward to completing this title tomorrow after some sleep.  It’s almost 5am here, must rest.    



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