Proton Pulse Quick Review


By VRift720


      Proton Pulse is the quintessential “breakout” bust-a-brick style game for GearVR from developer Pushy Pixels.  There is a demo version which includes a handful of levels for you to dive in or just get your toes wet.  Having sampled the generous amount of free levels, I knew I had to see more of this game. 

       Originally, Proton Pulse was being made for Oculus Rift, but the man behind Pushy Pixels, Justin Moravetz, switched directions to get this ported for GearVR because the Home Store had a functional payment system.  That’s a sound business strategy, to go where the fish actually areFor only $2.99, this game comes with 5 boss fights and over 50 levels, with a ton of graphical and play-style variety across those levels.  You definitely get your money’s worth.

        The graphics are amazing due to the neon-infused eye-candy color scheme.  The ball you use for breaking bricks is cool because it leaves a glowing trail behind it, so you can learn by watching that trail how to angle the ball with your deflector. 

       There are some nice surprises in the game play due to how the ball’s physics work, how the power ups interact with the ball, and many other factors that give this game a lot of depth in the gameplay department.  The sense of Presence is utterly amazing which is cool because I was just talking about the very thing in another post from a few days ago.  And now I have another prime example of what I was talking about.

      In my earlier post regarding Rocket Builders, I stated my argument that with the resolution of current phones being as low as it is, VR needs to stick to producing games which hug tight around the user because that will deliver the highest “Presence Payload” right now.  Tightly enclosed spaced will more-powerfully demonstrate the feeling VR gives by not extending beyond what I call the Stereoscopic Threshold.  This is that which for S6 and Note 5 is about 60-80 meters out or so. 

      That means games that use huge dimensions will automatically decimate their own stereoscopy before they are even out of the door.  But Proton Pulse is a prime example of how games that follow the rule of staying close to the user, hugging in tight, can deliver more feeling of Presence and really let those special VR sensations tickle your brain in a way no traditional 2D game can.


The Pictures Can’t Do This Game Justice!

      The music in this game is exceptional, hearkening me back to the poly-synth days of Commodore 64.  This music so “retro keyboard synthit would even make Tangerine Dream blush.  And I love every second of it! 

      The synthesized score really took me back to my youth.  There are a lot of tracks here, too, the developer didn’t skimp by playing the same song for every level like many others have in the past.

      This is one exceptional game that is worth every penny you’ll pay for it.  The boss fights are all different and exciting. 

      There’s even an intro movie that I found pretty cool because of the way it plays with depth layering.  There is also a death animation … for when your more-than-gratuitous 10 starting lives finally run out.  I highly recommend this title if you want to experience the 3D-Depth “pong” of the modern age.

This title suffers from no bad motion effects, so I rate it as … comfortable for all.



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