Presence Labs’ Response to GrooVR Google Play Issue


by VRift720


      For those not following the Reddit post, a recent situation occurred due to the recent 1.1.2 Patch that caused me a bit of stress.  And I wrote the company directly to ask for a change in the methods employed, because those recent changes made using this app impossible for me, in that I can’t even open it anymore. 

      In case you are new to this app or the situation, let me back up a tad.  GrooVR is a musis-driven visualizer application that lets you play your music from many different sources, including your own libary, or from your Spofity  and SoundCloud accounts.   It has some insanely-cool stereoscopic moody visualizers that are really impressive graphically, something you can use to demonstrate VR’s coolness to your friends. 

      I was using the app every day as an advertisement for VR at my school where I teach. I came to rely on it for a quick way to thrill my audience with a fun surprise.  The reason it works better than games or anything else is that you don’t have to explain anything about the controls.  For the purpose of seeing one of its many Experiences, there are none.  You can put students in it and not have to explain one word, they just get it, and without question, they all think its amazing.

      But suddenly, out of the blue in patch 1.1.2, Presence Labs (the developers of GrooVR) decided to force everyone to use their Google Play account as a login to GrooVR, or you couldn’t log in at all.  I know that doesn’t mean much to the majority of GearVR users in various other countries that all support Google and whose phones are allowed to have Google Play installed. 

      But where I live, in China, Google Play is banned.  This means China lost GrooVR functionality.  For me personally, it was a big loss.  I demo VR to over 100 new people every 3 months.  I feel it is my duty as a VR enthusiast to bring these young minds into the future.  They need to be ready for VR right now.  And enjoying its benefits right now, too.

      That’s why I am excited to bring you the latest news, that Presence Labs is a company that listens to the needs of its customers and fans.  Here is an email I just received from the company in response to my previous article “Get Your … GrooVR On!here:

Hi “VRift720“,

Square Spacer
I have an update for you.
Square Spacer
Our development team, in coordination with outside teams, are working on a solution that will result in the removal of the Google Account requirement to use GrooVR – a solution that allows us to continue the development of our platform.
Square Spacer
It is a win–win, I believe. 
Square Spacer
This work has already begun. Because of the dependencies and complexity behind the changes, we are looking at a minimum of three to four weeks, but you will not miss the launch of any new content in the meantime.
Square Spacer
GrooVR has come a long way in the 10 weeks it has been available in the Oculus store and we are please to be able to continue to develop the product in ways that meet the needs of all of our users.
Square Spacer
GrooVR Support

What else can you say to such a great response but THANK YOU!?  This is one great outcome to a scary moment for me.  Sincerely, Presence Labs, Thank You!


VRift720 (Editor in Chief) – GEAR VR NEWS



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