vTime V1.7 Releases with New Features


by VRift720


      The incredibly popular GearVR app has returned again with Version 1.7!  This iteration comes not with new Destinations this time, as the previous 3 patches all have, but with entirely new features instead!  There are some amazing new things going on here in this update.   So I’ll let Starship tell you about this vTime update in their own words…

vTime version 1.7 launches today, and with it comes a new-and-improved connections screen that makes it even easier to meet up with friends, old and new. Gone are the separate tabs for friends, suggested friends, and random. Instead find a slicker interface that should make seeing who’s up for a chat simple. There are now just two different views on the connections screen – bubble view and list view. You can switch between them using the icon in the top left.
Opening the connections screen takes you to bubble view; you’ll notice there are no tabs. Everyone displayed here is online now and ready to chat! Since there are no tabs, there may be a mix of people here, prioritized by friends first, then suggested users, then randoms.
Gazing at the icon in the left corner brings up list view, which gives you a more traditional list of users for ease of navigation and management. If your friends are online, their tab will show you where they are in vTime are and who they’re with. 

A New Selfie Feature

Up until now, what’s gone on in vTime … has stayed in vTime.  But with Update 1.7, that’s about to change. Behold the vSelfie! Found in the Avatar Menu, our very early access feature allows you to share your vTime experience with the outside world. Find your photos on the home screen of your account on vTime.net. Be sure to tag @vtimenet in your virtual memories when you share them on your social channels, and as always, let us know how much you’re enjoying this early access feature!

      vTime is always constantly being improved with new graphics and new features despite having only been in the Oculus Home Store for about 10 weeks.  You can count of Starship to slowly but surely mold this application into something with a strong bite that will sink its teeth into VR and not let go for the foreseeable future.  That’s great news.  Because so far, vTime is still one of my favorites.



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