Anshar Wars 2 Big Update Coming!


by VRift720


      Big changes are in the works over at OZWE concerning their flagship game Anshar Wars 2.  Apparently, OZWE is a long way from being done with this title, and we can look forward to even more yet.  The changes are pretty big and also quite different than previous embellishments.  I wish I could say more, but luckily it’s not that long of a wait. 

      The GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) will start Wednesday the 16th of March.

       At the risk of saying too much, I will cut this short by inviting you to check this Reddit Forum on Tuesday night (the 15th) sometime after dinner…  Or if you’re too curious, check back on my blog.  I will post the news here 30 minutes before I release it on Reddit. 

Until then, take care friends!


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