Anshar Wars 2 Introduces Multiplayer


by VRift720

Anshar Wars 2 - Announcement-1.jpg

      OZWE is back at it again just in time for the GDC, doling out more free stuff in their already-insanely awesome space-shooter GearVR game.  The Game Developer’s Convention kicks off tomorrow, Wednesday March 16th.  I am personally hoping to learn that positional tracking for GearVR has finally been cracked and will be shown at GDCAlthough this link certainly has me thinking its time has come ….

     This new version of Anshar Wars 2 has also been tailored to match the the latest goings-on at Oculus concerning the addition of multiplayer to a lot more games including Oculus Social itself, which now sports a new competitive trivia game.     

Anshar Wars 2 - Announcement-2.jpg

      To go along with those offerings, Anshar Wars 2 is also being re-released with a ton of new multiplayer features!  These include:

  • 4 Standard Multiplayer Maps
  • 2 Death-Match Maps
  • A One-vs-All Mode
  • A Team-Conquest Mode
  • In-Game Voice Over IP (VOIP)!

      The game has been re-set to BETA mode following this update because with so many new features, its undoubtedly got a few bugs that those of us who play it will need to help iron out through some rigorous … testing (gaming, wink).  The game’s file size has also grown to a hefty 722 MB, making it one huge download for a game on your phone.

Anshar Wars 2 - Announcement-3.jpg

      It’s good to see so many developers continuing to pour love into their already-released titles.  That’s one thing VR really has going for it in these early days.  When PC games come out, except for say something like Skyrim with its modding community, that’s pretty much it.  You’ve got all you’re ever going to get.  But with GearVR, so many developers have been consistently updating and adding new features to their games and apps, that it really makes owning a GearVR a nice change of pace.  Great surprises like these keep coming out of the wood works almost every week.  One example is the recent and fantastic update of Darknet which I will review briefly after this piece.  So stay tuned….

     Thanks again to OZWE for providing me access to the BETA download early.  Unfortunately, I got the download access the same time I do my 22 hours of work in 2 days at my 1st job, so I had no time to preview the multiplayer at all before writing the article.  I will update the article very soon once I’ve had a chance to finally try out AW2’s Multiplayer Beta.  Until then, thanks for reading!



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