Dead Secret Review

While dead men tell no tales, it should be no secret that game developers Robot Invader know how to tell a good story … A dead battery, not a dead secret, is the only reasons you would stop playing this game once you begin….

Darknet Review

I couldn’t resist playing Darknet because its cyberspace and hacking themes resonate highly with me. What I found led me to abandon everything else for the moment and focus squarely on this title.

Land’s End Review

There are caves and snowy bluffs, misty valleys, and deep places. There are also vast oceans and wind-swept sand dunes: that’s a lot of variety for one small experience. One particular thing I liked about the graphics is that all the textures have some kind of speckled effect built into them up close….

Anshar Wars 2 Review

The game’s frame rate is rock solid no matter what’s occurring, at least 60 FPS without fail in all situations, which is GearVR’s FPS limit. This makes the game feel professional and smooth. But that might also be the reason why many other reviewers seem to run on and on about the graphics without noticing one serious flaw here, in my opinion.