Rocket Builders VR Jam Review

You may rue the day your mobile HMD failed to come with positional tracking pre-installed because this room feels so real that you’ll want to believe that it is. Part of its appeal for me is the incredible sense of scale, as you feel about about a 4 fee high … and everything feels the size it would be if you were that tall. And you get all of this amazing feeling of VR Presence for FREE as of this writing…

Ocean Rift Exclusive Review

This is an underwater experience based on exploration. You can choose to sit in one place and watch the fish, dolphins, manatees, sharks, whales, killer whales, etc, all wander by you … or you can pick up your controller, take charge, and swim off into the unknown!

Mars Is a Real Place – Review

GearVR might be miles away from what is needed to really put you there, but this app has managed to shrink those miles down to nothing by putting you there … today. Mars Is a Real Place erases the epic lengths between Earth and that amazing little red planet we’ve been so curious about since … well, forever!