Anshar Wars 2 Special Update!

Anshar Wars 2 has just been updated, and what a grand update it is! These are the moments when you can just feel a switch happen in the production values of an entire industry. Not only does the game now feature support for 8 languages, the long awaited (but newly promised) “3D update” has been included already! That’s right, folks, for those of you, like myself, who felt that Anshar Wars 2 looked like a 2D space shooter, well now you can try it again with more depth than ever before!

Anshar Wars 2 Review

The game’s frame rate is rock solid no matter what’s occurring, at least 60 FPS without fail in all situations, which is GearVR’s FPS limit. This makes the game feel professional and smooth. But that might also be the reason why many other reviewers seem to run on and on about the graphics without noticing one serious flaw here, in my opinion.