Rilix RollerCoaster Review

A GEARVR EXPERIENCE REVIEW by VRift720 INTRODUCTION:       Rilix stands for “Real-Life-eXperiences” … well, at least loosely (otherwise it would be Relix, right?)  What it is, though, is actually a […]

E2per Game Review

A GEARVR PUZZLE GAME REVIEW by VRift720 INTRODUCTION:       Esper 2 is the second telekinesis-puzzle-interaction game in the series by the developers CoatSink, bringing with this version an improvement in […]

JUMP Review

A GEARVR NEWS GAME REVIEW by VRift720 “FINDING…. THE RIGHT JUMP” INTRODUCTION:       JUMP is an amazing new demo of a game (out now, April 2016) that dares you … […]