DRIFT Retro Review

In VR terminology, “drift” is an unwanted situation which occurs when your VR device slowly loses the internal compass of where forward is supposed to be and is need of calibration, or “reorienting”. In human terms, a similar word is “confusion” where you slowly lose your sense of yourself, where you are, or what you’re doing. In both instances, the affected thing may ultimately end up needing a calibration of some kind to get re-oriented again properly. The game’s fresh style, its use of high contrast and Goraud shading, its slow-motion bullet-time effects, and its mysterious plot lines, will serve to draw you back hoping to finally solve what is going on here. What is behind Watson’s strange and erratic behavior, and where are you, really?

Rocket Builders VR Jam Review

You may rue the day your mobile HMD failed to come with positional tracking pre-installed because this room feels so real that you’ll want to believe that it is. Part of its appeal for me is the incredible sense of scale, as you feel about about a 4 fee high … and everything feels the size it would be if you were that tall. And you get all of this amazing feeling of VR Presence for FREE as of this writing…