MilkVR Review

A GEARVR NEWS APP REVIEW by VRift720 INTRODUCTION:       There are already quite a wealth of video players on GearVR that this point.  My first video experience was quite good […]

Rocket Builders VR Jam Review

You may rue the day your mobile HMD failed to come with positional tracking pre-installed because this room feels so real that you’ll want to believe that it is. Part of its appeal for me is the incredible sense of scale, as you feel about about a 4 fee high … and everything feels the size it would be if you were that tall. And you get all of this amazing feeling of VR Presence for FREE as of this writing…

Land’s End Review

There are caves and snowy bluffs, misty valleys, and deep places. There are also vast oceans and wind-swept sand dunes: that’s a lot of variety for one small experience. One particular thing I liked about the graphics is that all the textures have some kind of speckled effect built into them up close….